Why do I love my Beauty Blender SO much?

March 17, 2014

I just want to have a whole bowl filled with Beauty Blenders, mainly cause I love its look on my vanity like Huda’s Beauty but I would like to have so many for its so many functions below:

Beauty Blender 2

  • For BEST results – you’ve got to make sure to use it damp. It gets bigger when wet, which is better.
  • It has two sides, a pointy one and a more round and bigger one. You can use the whole side of the beauty blender to apply foundation on your face.
  • Then, use the pointy side to apply slowly to areas where hard to reach. Ex. around your nose, close to your hairline, and around mouth area.
  • THREE main functions for the pointy side: 1) apply under eye concealer and blend, contour you face and blend, or use it to target the blemishes with concealer and blend.
  • Can be used to apply highlighting powder or pressed on powder to set your makeup.



Why is it amazing to use for foundation?

It is so easy to use to apply foundation and to blend it well. When the Beauty Blender is used damp, it creates a glowy look and healthy looking skin while applying your foundation. It is amazing to apply a thin layer foundation to even out skin tone or build up your foundation without having a cake face.

A.K.A if you don’t have many face brushes and you would like to have good applicators for your makeup. Start by 1 or 2 Beauty Blenders for now and start building your brush kits slowly. $26 and there is a two set value at Sephora for $33 prices may vary.

What do you think of the Beauty Blender?

Spread some beauty. x x

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  • Reply Dondon June 12, 2014 at 2:54 am

    In love with the beauty blender, it blends the foundation well. I usually use it when it’s damp and as you mentioned it gives that glow and healthy look to my face. It’s a necessity, can’t live without it

    • Reply mirasmuse June 15, 2014 at 3:27 pm

      You’re so right!!!! Can’t live without my beauty blender either

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