What is in my Beauty Bag?

May 21, 2014


Usually if I am on the go and I am switching between two big purses I grab this beauty bag with me all the time; yet if I am only on a quick night out where I am wearing a clutch I pack my lip balm, hand cream, and whatever lipstick I am wearing that day. I tend to keep every small thing in little bags inside my purse just so it’s easier to move around when I am switching purses and that they are easy to find as well. Let me explain to you what I have in my beauty bag and what it is; before I got this little long champ makeup bag I used to use any tiny bags that come as gifts from Sephora or any other makeup brand. But I like this one because it has a little handle and I am able to carry it by itself if I don’t need my entire purse for touch ups. Not everyone has to know that it is my beauty bag. Inside the bag I have some essentials that I always have with me and they are always put to use.

–       Lip Balm – This is my Kiehl’s lip balm in pear and just a fun fact; there is one sold every 15 seconds.

–       Hand Cream – L’Occiatne is my ultimate favourite body brand along with scent of roses in this lotion.

–       Nail Filer – you never know what your nail will break and catch on to things.

–       Hand Sanitizer – always handy for clean hands before moisturizing

–       Tide To Go – I cannot live without this in my purse; it is the most amazing creation I have ever seen. It is really helpful and it really does magic on the spot. I just used it on the weekend when I got some makeup on my Fiance’s whit linen shirt!

–       A neutral lip-gloss – this is the Buxom natural lip gloss with a hint of pink that I received through my Sephora points. I always have a lip-gloss in case I forgot my lipstick of the day/night and I need some touch up.

–       Perfume Sample – I always carry around some perfume sample and if I can match it with the one I am wearing; it is even better.

–       Mirror – I like to have a mirror handy all the time for lipstick touch up, powder touch up, and definitely after eating. I received this as a reward from Sephora for being a VIB.


On top of the entire beauty objects in the picture, I usually have a tiny hair clip, a hair band and of course band-aids. If I get hurt I cannot let my self see my cut and it is always handy for other people as well.


What do you have in your beauty bag? What is a beauty essential in your purse that you cannot live without?

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