Urban Decay Naked Palette Review – Your Second Option

April 15, 2014

IMG_7588Hi loves! As promised here is the second review about your first essential palette that I think will cover all your needs as a beginner. The first palette I reviewed was The Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced and this is the Naked and first/original palette by Urban Decay. This is another favorite of mine, it is mostly neutrals though, but Urban Decay shadows are known for their amazing pigmentation, colors, and long lasting shadows. I am only talking about the Naked palette because the colors show a lot more than the Naked 2 and the Naked 3 is on a completely different scale and it is not recommended for beginners, it is that little extra something of colors. If you want your shadows to show go with the Naked, if you are a little scared of color and not being able to blend it properly, the Naked 2 has some lighter undertones and you may want to consider it. With either palette, piling on the colors is always a great option.


Why do I love my Naked Palette:

– Amazing pigmentation

– Great variety of colors, it has the baked, and the shimmers, and it has a beautiful highlighting color (Virgin) that I sometimes like to reach out for the palette just for this color. 2 matte shadows and the rest are beautifully baked colors.

– Naked and Buck are my absolute favorite shadows, they can be used with almost any look and they are my most used.

– The price is $64 (prices may vary) and you are getting 12 shadows, which means that the shadow is coming out to about $5 each.

Naked in comparison to the Chocolate Bar. I love them both SO much, but I want to open your eyes to a couple of things: With the chocolate bar you are getting 16 shadows for $59 and Naked you are getting 12 shadows for $64 and if you are looking for more color chocolate bar has it. Chocolate bar is packed in a tin, whereas the Naked is packed in a velvet case.



I hope you enjoyed my reviews and comparison to your first basic palette.

If you are buying any of them or own them; I would like to know which one you like better and why?

Mira. x x

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