Ultimate Brush Guide | Face Edition

May 5, 2014

One of my best friends came over a few weeks back to do her makeup and she wanted to know which brushes she should buy. So I thought I should keep her brushes aside and do a blog post to help the ones who are looking to buy brushes. This post should help your decide which brushes are the most important and how to get multiple usage out of the same brush.


Let me first start off by explaining what I used each brush for (left to right):

  • Big Fluffy Sephora Brush – Bronzer
  • Sigma F25 – Blush
  • Sigma F35 – Highlighting
  • Sigma F80 – Foundation
  • Sigma F05 – Contouring
  • Sephora 73 – Setting powder
  • MAC 130 – Concealer
  • MAC Stippling brush – to blend cream contouring
  • MAC blending brush – contouring nose
  • Beauty Blender – To blend everything out

Instead all of the above brushes you would typically only need FIVE brushes to get the same routine:

  • Beauty Blender – to apply foundation, concealer and cream contour (F80 though is an amazing foundation brush and can be used for concealer as well)
  • Angled Contouring Brush – For powder contouring and blusher
  • Tapered Blending Brush – You can use your finger if you are using a crème product, yet you do not need a typical brush just for your nose. You can use the one you use to blend out your eyes or any firm brush will do.
  • Tapered Highlighter F35 – You can use this brush to set your makeup and highlight as well if you are using a powder highlighter. But if you are using liquid, you can simply use your fingers.
  • BONUS – A big fluffy brush is quite nice to have; it can blend out any harsh lines and make the look more flawless. It is also great to use if you do not want structured contouring but want warmth to your face by just a bronzer. It is also good for an all over face illuminating powders.

There you have it! I condensed 10 tools to create a flawless face to only 4 brushes and a bonus brush that will be handy to have in your kit. I hope this post helped – I must say that I cannot live without my foundation F80 brush; fastest way for foundation application.

What is a brush/tool you cannot live without? Let me know if you have any questions as to where you could buy the brushes I mentioned.

Mira. x x

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