Top 5 Beauty & Bridal Tips For The Big Day!

May 27, 2014


On your special day you want to make sure your skin is prepared perfectly and is picture perfect for the thousand of pictures that will be taken that day. These tips are not only for Brides-to-be but they can be used for guests, engagements, proms and graduation. Everyone deserves to look beautiful and ready for the oh-so-many pictures that will be taken whether you are the center of the attention or the guest.

–       If you are a bride, try and stay away from any dark colors. It is great to use the softest colors possible, the most romantic, and the flirtiest. Dark colors will be too dramatic and will not compliment the beauty and the pureness in the white dress.

–       On your wedding day; it is so definitely important to look yourself. I see many makeup artists who create a transformation. Picture yourself before and after; there should not be a transformation rather an enhancement of the beauty that is already there. You never want to regret your makeup; you want to look natural and yourself. Always think, princess like.

–       I know you may be a summer bride and it could be pretty sunny and humid outside; that is why you need to pick your products carefully. Depending on your skin type especially if it is oily. Stay away from any products that will cause your skin to be oilier. If you’re skin is too dry; you want to make sure to balance the hydration of your skin a little bit not to make it look too “cakey”.

–       Speaking of picking out your products carefully and having a summer wedding under the heat of the sun, you may think that you need sunscreen. But please try and stay away from any sunscreen and any oily lotion. I have tried it so many times myself and the day I do not put sunscreen before my heavy application my makeup will settle a lot better. Sunscreen has a lot of oil in it and you want to mattify your face as much as possible to have shine-free pictures. Usually foundations and primer could have a possibility of SPF; so you should be okay.

–       One last tip; make sure to always balance your makeup with your dress and balance your eye makeup with your lips. You do not want to make everything is matching. You want to create a subtle contrast with chic colors. It is important to shy away from bold colors a little bit on your wedding day because it may look a little odd. If you have some drama on your eye go towards a nude lip and vice-versa.


I hope these tips were helpful; I know that wedding season and all the fun occasions have officially started so I will try to come up with some more tips for you beautiful dolls to help you prep up for a fun occasion. Next coming up will be a post on how to prep your skin perfectly for an occasion. If you have any beauty tips that you swear by; please let me know down below.


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