The beauty of concealer + YOUR right shade – MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

April 21, 2014

Discovering the best under eye concealer is probably the best beauty secret anyone can treasure towards their makeup look. Now, mastering where to apply it and blending it really well is the easiest process, yet, the better secret. I love under eye concealers, they make such a huge difference to your makeup look and they enhance your features. I typically do not need heavy concealing under eye for my everyday look and if anything I would use my MAC prep+prime only for my under eye and not to highlight my whole face. It is important to differentiate your under eye concealer from your blemishes concealer. They are two different things; blemishes concealer’s formula should be a little dry to hit the spot directly in order to stay on the whole day. The under eye and highlighting concealer should be more hydrating and light in texture so it can blend really well and does not dry the sensitive area of the under eye. For my everyday makeup, a hydrating foundation for my under eye area is more than enough. But for the extra mile on occasions and events; I like to conceal and highlight really well using my MAC Pro Longwear concealer ($23 prices may vary). It is a beautiful formula; so smooth and hydrating as well. I also love that it works to hide the dark circles under the eye and works as a highlight for the forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, etc.


How to choose your concealer shade:

If you are going with MAC colors, typically NC is more for warmer and olive tones, and NW is more for pink undertones.

First: find the perfect shade that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Second: Go two shades lighter than your skin tone for your under eye and highlighting concealer. For example, at MAC, I am NC30. There is NC25 and NC20, for my concealer I chose NC 20 and you can see that it is not such a big contrast. I personally do not like it when it is too bright under the eye. The pictures below are made to show where I highlight, and the difference with or without concealer. The MAC concealer dispenses a lot of product and, really, a little goes a long way. I blend my concealer with a damp beauty blender or MAC stippling brush (130 Due Fibre Brush – $50 Prices may vary) Note: when it comes to highlighting the forehead, it will be different from person to person; because of my smaller forehead I highlight away so it all just depends on your face shape.

concealer PicMonkey Collage

Don’t forget to comment down below with your favourite highlighting and under eye concealer.

Mira. x x

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