Surprise # 1 revealed – Check it out

April 19, 2014

March Favorites ThumbnailSo here it is, I have started my own YouTube channel (mirasmuse byMira) and I will be sharing tips, tricks, and in the near future makeup tutorials. I am only saying in the near future because I’ve ordered my ring lights and just waiting for them to arrive to have better lighting for you guys. I hope you enjoy the video, please subscribe, and if you like the video, then, thumbs up. If you have any questions or requests, be sure to always email them to me or comment anywhere (video, Facebook, blog, YouTube, Instagram) and I will definitely answer them. For now, enjoy the video, and stay tuned for another surprise and update coming to my page in a week. Here is the link below that will direct you to the video and my channel.

Instagram – @mirasmuse

Twitter – @mirasmuse

Facebook –


Mira. x x


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