Summer Oranges

April 10, 2014


If you were to ask me, I am more of corals kinda girl but I had to absolutely try the new vibrant orange that is so very in this summer. I decided to go with something from the drug store to make sure I did not spend so much money on something I will only use once. I went and chose 01 Sweet Nectar from Milani Cosmetics and I am in love; not only with the color but with their lipsticks! Their lipsticks are so pigmented and soft; they have a little bit of a great scent as well. Once you place the lipstick on your lips and start applying; you only need one layer from how pigmented and creamy it is. Very easy in application and I do not need to go over my lips a few times to get the color I want. That is what I love about it the most; it is such a great pay off for an affordable price as well. I would recommend for anyone to go out and try buying their lipsticks. ($6.49 prices may vary)


Tip: I did not use a lip liner with this lipstick but I did use a very small and precise lip brush to use my lipstick and line my lips with it and then fill in the inner lips.


The look I created on my Instagram (@mirasmuse) is quite dramatic but this lipstick and all vibrant oranges with a sun kissed complexion (bronzer) and mascara will look absolutely amazing.

I would love to try out more of their products – especially their baked blushes! They look amazing – SO, suggestions please!






Mira. x x

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