Spa Night at Home feat. Sisley Paris at Holt Renfrew

November 17, 2015


Hello my dear readers! I am back at it again with getting my post and blogging on. I come to you today with a mini spa night at home featuring Sisley. In the picture above, they are placed in the exact order I used from left to right. I am going to tell you how I use each one and how they work really well together, you do not have to go out and buy these exact products, because they are a bit on the luxurious products end. But you can use the same techniques with any products you have. Out of all the three products, the one in the middle is what is really unique and different. It is a glow mask, so it could be the one you might think in investing in.

  1. Gentle Facial Buffing Cream – With Botanical Extracts for all skin types – This is an amazing exfoliant that has clay as one of the main ingredients in it, which really helps with acne prone skin (myself) and dries out the oil in your face. I have learnt that exfoliants have to be used correctly. You should not place it in your hands and rub it across your face. What I do is, placing a layer across my face, wait a minute to dry a bit, and then take spot by spot by rubbing your finger downwards while pulling your skin and you will see all the dead skin coming out. I have exfoliated my skin for years in the wrong way, and it is amazing when you see dead skin in your sink, because you will really see a difference in your skin texture. Exfoliate 2 – 3 times per week. $100 CAD prices may vary. 
  2. Radiant Glow Express Mask – cleansing with red clay, intensive formula – This is a beautiful mask where you see results instantly. You are supposed to place it on your face in the morning on days where you feel extra tired, not enough sleep, or prior to events. Leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes and then wash it off, it gives you an instant glow and lift to your skin because of the clay that is in it. In my case, I layered up the masks, because sometimes if you ask your skin care consultant, they products you are using can really compliment each other. I put the Glow Express mask on first, and then the second mask on top. My skin felt so relaxed hydrated, glowing, and all the redness calmed down. $155 CAD prices may vary
  3. Facial Mask – Linden Blossom, sensitive skin – Whenever you are layering masks, it is great to use a mask for sensitive skin because your skin will be going through a rough process. This mask is so great for sensitive areas to the point where it can be put around your eyes. It is great to mask your eyes because sometimes they can go a little dry in the Winter time. Exfoliating and masks are such a great routine to keep up at home and they should be done 2 – 3 times a week. You can keep the exfoliant the same, but you can change up your masks depending on the skin care concerns you have. You can use a peeling mask, mud mask, hydrating leave on mask. Get creative according to your needs just so your skin can really satisfy its thirst. $145 CAD prices may vary

I hope you enjoyed this post, I often ask for masks as gifts if they are a luxury product and hard to afford, and I promise I will be coming to you with a Drug Store skin regiment soon. I swear by these masks and I wanted to have the opportunity to talk about them. Sisley Paris is only exclusive at Holt Renfrew Stores and in Canada.

Spread some beauty. xo

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