Sharing is Caring? Not when it comes to makeup!

March 6, 2014

I wanted to discuss something that I am sure we all went through; sharing our makeup and brushes. Not because we have learnt in school that sharing is caring with other people, doesn’t mean that it applies to everything. Makeup is very sensitive, attracts bacteria easily and its packaging makes it easy to attract anything because of how exposed it is.


Why is it that you cannot share your makeup?

Your products attract the dirt and bacteria because of your brushes that could be exposed to dust in an open area in your room or how you can carry them around in your makeup bag sometimes for touch ups. You touch your worn face with the same dusty brushes then you touch your makeup product and close it without sanitizing it. The same process happens everyday. Depending on your skin type you should not be sharing makeup because it could cause harm to other people as well (acne-prone) for instance could spread your acne to other people while sharing. More importantly, eye products, they are the most important not to share. For example, mascaras, eyeliners packed in jars, brushes, etc. Your eye could be carrying a bacteria that you are not aware off, therefore you need to be careful not to share your eye products with anybody and vice versa. You also need to continuously update your eye products because of the “expiration” that I will be discussing in my next post.

This is what you should do if you want to share/apply makeup on others:

Brushes – wash brushes before and after.

Face products –Sanitize everything that the brush will touch the product directly unto the face and so on (blusher, highlighter, & bronzer). Foundation is fine because most of the time it is packaged in small bottles and not exposed.  If it is not packaged in a small bottle, you can use a clean sponge to get some on your hand and then use a brush to dip it in your hands.

Eye product – For Gel Liners pull out some product with a clean Q-Tip unto your hand and use the clean brush to pick up the product off your hand; not from the jar.  Mascara; try and invest in mascara specifically for other people and make sure to sanitize the bristles before and after every application. As for pencils, make sure your sharpener is clean, sanitize your pencil and sharpen.

Cleaning tips and expirations – coming up in a bit. Stay tuned!

Hope your enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions below, in the ‘Ask Mira’ page, or my email <3

Spread some beauty. x x

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