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May 8, 2014

Hi to all the lovely people who are looking for all the brands that are available in the US but not available in Canada whether for shipping reasons, not in stores, or shipping simply costs quite a bit from States to Canada. I will be sharing a couple of websites that carry amazing drugstore brands, makeup, brushes, and nail polishes for Canada and a another that are not Canadian; but still ship to Canada. I have tried the websites, really good service and quick as well. I hope this post will be helpful to people and I also hope that it’s going to be an open forum where anyone who knows a website will be able to share it in the comments for myself and others to see.

Nail Polish Canada

FTB Beauty

Sally Beauty Supply

Non Canadian

Hautlook – This website will have daily/weekly beauty events. You will have to keep checking

Don’t forget to comment down below if you know of any online websites.

Mira x x

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