Naked 3 Eyeshadow Look # 1

March 15, 2014

I’ve created the look I posted yesterday on my Instagram/Facebook using only one eyeshadow palette, which is the Naked 3 by Urban Decay because it’s just this convenient. The Naked 3 Palette is a perfect palette; its colours can be dressed up or down because of how versatile it is. It is also very soft and feminine. Love it!


If you are thinking of buying the palette, please comment below if you would like a review and swatches of all the colors.

Let me walk you through step by step on what I did on my eyes – the details of the face will be posted in Instagram!

  1. Prime eyes with Urban Decay Potion Primer all over lid and bottom lash line
  2. With a shader brush dip it into ‘Burnout’ and put it all over lid
  3. With a Sigma Blender Brush pick up ‘Mooner’ and apply it all over the crease in a blending motion; don’t be scared to go close to your brow bone.
  4. Picked up a blending fluffy brush from Sigma to blend all the harsh lines.
  5. I picked a fluffy pencil brush from QUO to pick up ‘Mugshot’ and place the place where your lid closes and create a precise line on your crease
  6. Take the blending fluffy brush from Sigma again and make sure to blend any harsh lines.
  7. Pick up ‘Blackheart’ with a short shader brush and dap it unto the outer corner of your lid/crease.
  8. Pick up any small and precise brush (I used the brush that came with the palette) to add more glam to this look, dip the brush in ‘Trick’ – wet it with Mac Fix Plus and apply it only to the center of your lids, inner corners, and inner corner of your bottom lash line. Blend one more time.
  9. For the lower lash line, take a pencil brush, pick up the same smokey brown shadow in ‘Mugshot’ and place it on the outer corner of your lower lash line.
  10.  Finally for your brown bone, with an angled brush, pick up strange and highlight your brow bone.

I used a light metallic pencil from Sephora in 15 – Flirting game and smudged it with a flat definer brush on upper and lower lash line.



& That is it for the look 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it. I did film that look and if it turns out good enough, I will be posting it!

I would love it if you would recreate the look anywhere and tag #mirasmuse

Spread some beauty. x x

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