Most Amazing $5 Eyeshadows EVER!

February 25, 2015


Colour PopCan we talk about something so great and innovative for such little price?! Yes, Please. These eyeshadow pops created by ColourPop are taking over the market of drugstore pricing and even better because of their size, quality, and colour selection. The colour selection of these shadows are unbelievable, you can find what you are thinking of and not to mention that they have different finishes as well. The shadows feel like gel, they could be called pigments because they are very pigmented, and they can be used wet to give off a better colour. The shadows are so soft and feel very different from anything else, they swatch beautifully, yet they go on just like powder. They are a definitely a must try especially that you are getting a lot of product for only $5 a pop. The variety of colours are amazing and you can see that the colours are not boring, they have specs of so many different colours incorporated to create a glamorous look.

I bought their Rebound set which was $20, beautiful colours complementing each other. I also got two separate colours Hustle which is the deep purple/cranberry colour and On The Rocks, has to be my favourites. The swatch speaks for itself when it comes to on the rocks, its an amazing colour on the lid and it makes your whole look glamorous. As you can see the colours are swatching very well on my hand and the beauty about these shadows is that they have no fallouts. I absolutely love them and they are definitely a great recommendation for those of you who are looking for affordable, great, and high quality shadows. They have lipsticks for also $5 and they just came out with cream blushes for $8 (only because the pop is bigger than the shadows, so you are getting more product)

Rebound Collection:

Swatches 6

One and Done – Cream Ivory – Matte Finish

Too Soon – Golden Peach with pink opal iridescent duo chrome finish – Metallic Finish

Ex – Bright Coral – Matte Finish, Pressed Pigment

Adios – Taupe Grey – Matte Finish

On the rocks

On The Rocks – Bronze shadows with beautiful gold and violet glitter – Metallic

Hustle – Matte Finish (Burgundy, Cranberry, Purple)


What’s on YOUR list to buy from ColourPop cosmetics ?! 

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