Makeup Does Expire!

March 10, 2014

I first want to start off with this symbol that we see on most of our makeup products. It is not for an expiry date; it is to say how long should the product last you from once you’ve opened it. It could serve as an expiry date, but it is mainly to say it will last you this long if you use it everyday.



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Expiration dates

Mascara – (3 months) Mascaras have (6M) on it but you should be tossing out your mascara any where from 3 months especially if you use it everyday. If it starts getting clumpy or its scent changes; get rid of it right away. No taking risks with your beautiful eyes!

Liquid Foundation + Concealer – (12 months) If you are touching the product with a brush or with your hands and if it is exposed to air and dust; it should be a little less. Start looking out for the scent of the product changing after 6-8 months.

Lipstick – (2 years) If you happen to have a favorite that you use everyday, you know us girls, it can finish up in about 3 months. But if you have a lot of lipsticks and you don’t have a favorite it can last you up to 2 years but also lookout for the change of lipstick’s scent (some change faster than the other and could happen before the 2 year mark)

Eyeshadow/Powders/Blushers – (2 years) as long as you’re continuously cleaning your brushes, you should be fine with shadows and powders.

Pencil Eyeliners/Pencil Lip Liners – (2 years) as long as you are sharpening them with a clean sharpener and sanitizing them as well.

Gel Eyeliners – (6 months) same idea as mascaras, you can keep your brushes clean but the brush is still touching your eyes and going into the jar. So please ensure that your brushes are clean and that your Gel eyeliner is not being used for after 6 months because it is getting a lot of exposure.

Nail Polish – (2 years+) As long as your nail polish is not getting clumpy and still smells okay, I believe you can keep it for as long as you can. If it gets clumpy; use a nail polish thinner from ORLY. $5.50 prices may vary. I bought mine from Sally Beauty Supplies and it actually works amazingly.


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