MAGIC IN A BOTTLE! Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser

November 22, 2016

Who can relate that the struggle is real whenever it comes to washing your brushes? I have to separate them and split them onto two different days, it makes a mess, and I have never found the perfect brush shampoo. I have tried many options but never really settled, everything has its pros and cons to your brushes and skin.



I have finally found this amazing rinse free brush cleanser by Cinema Secrets; when you can deep clean your brushes at the convenience of your own vanity. This is seriously magic. You dip your brush in there and it comes out clean! You dry it on paper towel and get the excess product out and leave it flat to dry. Not to mention that it smells absolutely amazing! Your brushes feel so luxe after deep cleaning them. It taken two seconds to clean a brush and it is hassle free. I totally recommend this brush cleanser! It is super important for you to wash your brushes once every two weeks, if you have problematic skin
(acne), it is important to wash your foundation/concealer brush once a week. This brush cleanser will help you stay on top of your clean brushes AND You do not need water!

Let me know what you think! What brush cleanser do you use for the daily cleaning and deep cleaning? It is sold a Sephora and in many size. The bigger size bottle is definitely a better value. This product is also great for travelling if you are travelling for a long duration of period. You can get the travel size kit to try as well!

Spread some beauty. xx

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