Let's Talk Primers: POREfessional by Benefit

July 8, 2014

IMG_8743I do absolutely love primers but I don’t use them on regular and everyday basis. For me personally, they are not meant to be used every single day. You have to be really careful with your choice of your primer and why you should not be using it every single day. For my choice of primers; I tend to go towards something that will keep my face matte all day long and that will require clogging the pores. That is why I should not use the primer everyday. If you are familiar with my blog posts, you will know that my skin is combination/normal and can sometimes be a little dry. Therefore I tend to get a little oily during the day; it is more important for me to keep my skin matte than focus on getting a primer that will make my makeup last all day long because if you have the right techniques, you will be able to make your makeup last all day long. The POREfessional does just that for me and as a bonus it definitely helps with the longevity of my makeup. It is a great primer and it is a little bit tinted. I like the texture of it over the texture of the Smashbox Photofinish or the Baby Skin by Maybelline (if you would like a review on, like my post)!


I like to apply it right after my skin care and right before my foundation. I like to do everything right after each other with leaving just about 30 seconds in between everything to let everything sink in and settle to my skin. I focus my primer only on the centre of my face and T-Zone area and whatever is left on my fingers (yes, I apply it with my finger) I drag it towards the rest of my face. Once I apply the primer I can totally see instantly that my face has gone matte, which is what I love about it. It retails at Sephora for $37 (prices may vary) Also keep in mind that I always mention Canadian prices – US is much cheaper. 

Let me know whats your favourite primer? & Don’t forget to like my post if you would like to see a review about the Smashbox and Maybelline primers.

Mira. x x



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