Kate Somerville: ExfoliKate Review

March 24, 2014

IMG_0095Exfoliating my skin is an important step to remove the dead layer on the outer surface of my skin, open up my pores, renew it, and keep it looking fresh and clean. The feel after exfoliating my skin is just so refreshing. The product you choose is also very important so I just wanted to give you a little review on an exfoliate that I just used. I heard amazing reviews and people raving about the Kate Somerville exfoliates and I had a sample, so I had to try it! It’s a green exfoliate with a very strong scent and for me that’s not a really good start. The strong scent is full of spices that felt like a whole lot of cinnamon and ginger to me. And for me, a girl with sensitive skin, once I put it on my skin it really burned and I did not feel safe to keep it on for so long. They suggest scrubbing for 30 seconds and keeping it on for 2 minutes – I just scrubbed and washed it right off and used my toner right away to calm my skin if it will have any redness caused. I have very sensitive and acne prone skin so    this was a little tough on my skin.

The packaging even claims that it will make my skin feel irritated, which I did not like either that a company is claiming such a thing. This exfoliate may work great with people that don’t have sensitive skin but please be careful with picking out your new exfoliates and if you feel it burn or irritate your skin, take it off and don’t wait to experiment.

What is your exfoliate?

Spread some beauty. x x

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  • Reply Dondon June 12, 2014 at 2:44 am

    I use Caudalie Exfoliate, i saw a difference in my skin within couple of weeks. I really love their products, they are the most effective ones for my skin.

    • Reply mirasmuse June 15, 2014 at 3:33 pm

      I have never tried anything by Caudalie but they are definitely next on my list I really wan to check them out – I know you use many of their products; what is your favourite product that you recommend ??

  • Reply Dondon June 19, 2014 at 2:10 am

    I really recommend their cleanser (Gentle Cleansing Milk) It’s very gentle on the face. I’ve been using it for more than a year now and really happy with the results. I also like their Gentle Buffing Cream, it’s a scrub that i use twice a week and it’s for sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive so i have to be very careful with the products i use. Not a big fan of their moisturizer though, i felt it made my face more oilier. I switched recently to Fresh Umbrian Clay Oil-Free lotion and it balanced out my skin as I use to get dry flakes on my cheeks and oily towards my T-Zone area. Really happy with my new product Fresh. I really recommend this as well 🙂

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