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September 25, 2014

IMG_8723Let me please take a blog post to rave about a hair product that I have been completely obsessed with, which is something that I do not do so often here on my blog. I was into hair products a while back when I was in High School and just given up on it because I wanted to concentrate my focus on makeup. Recently though, I am trying new and different products. This is one of my recent trials and totally a favourite. I love the texture, the scent, and Pantene has always been a favourite brand for me. I have not used a heat protection spray for so long and the one I owned right before was by Marc Anthony and it’s his blue line; but it seems to make my hair a bit sticky¬†and has a nice scent but funny at the same time. One of those scents that are hard to distinguish; know what I mean? You got me! As for the Pantene it has an amazing scent like all other Pantene products and it does what it says on the bottle. It does provide a great shine to my hair and it creates a great finish, while I am straightening my hair it is so smooth and that is part of the shield that is created to protect it from the heat. I pray it all over my hair when its towel dried before any blow drying or straightening happens. I use it weekly and I have tested it without any other oils or treatments and I am still getting the same finish. Not to mention that my hair smells amazing and also it’s at a drugstore price point!

I hope you enjoyed this hair product review; let me know in the comments below if you want to know about more hair products because my hair is quite a handful to deal with so I like to experiment to get the best finish.


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