Glosses that make your teeth brighter? Yes, Please!

April 26, 2014



Whitening Lightning lip glosses…AH! I love. So I am not really a glossy person but I do love a good gloss that gives color, a bit opaque, and not sticky. I found all of that through my Whitening Lightning lip-glosses. I picked up my favorite shades (Starting from top: Nude, Salmon, Fiji). The lip gloss comes with a mirror on the side and light that lights up so you can apply your lip gloss anywhere and in public, even when its dark. I bought all three of them with an offer during IMATS weekend, so they all came up to around $24 but individually they cost $24 – check out their page on Instagram for updated info about discounts and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well @mirasmuse.

Can you guys guess which color is my favorite?

Mira. x x

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