Giorgio Armani: Luminous Silk Foundation Review

December 20, 2014


I posted a picture of the new goodies I have recently got and totally loving. They are all luxurious products and you can head to my Instagram (@mirasmuse) to view the picture. I really wanted to review this foundation and thankfully someone asked for it. This foundation received quite a bit of raving about it in the beauty world and I can totally see why but I still do have my opinion about it. Let me first describe to you what it is and what it does and then we can get into the technicalities of the foundation and who it should be for. This is a luxurious Luminous Silk foundation made by Giorgio Armani and its quite pricey actually, it costs $62 and it can be found in Canada only at Holt Renfrew. My shade is 5.75 and I am NC30 girl in MAC. The amount of foundation you get in this packaging is the same like every other foundation, so you are not paying more for less foundation. It has a pump along with a very sleek and fancy lid to go on top. I love any foundation with a pump because it makes things a lot more easier, more precise, and will definitely save a lot of foundation from getting wasted. This foundation claims to give you an amazing luminous and silky glow, it should be giving a glow as if you have the most luminous and healthy skin but not an oily foundation. It is definitely not an oily foundation and its finish is still powdery to me.


My skin type is combination oily and can sometimes be totally dry because of the Winter so this foundation for a girl like me and girls with combination oily skin; we need to at least set our T-Zone area. If you are someone with oily skin and too afraid to use it, I would not completely say that you should not be using this; I will just tell you that you should set your whole face with powder for a better and long wearing finish. But let me tell you, this foundation will be PERFECT for girls with normal to dry skin and skin with less blemishes. I have acne prone skin and quite a bit of blemishes, so for me,  this foundation does not give me the coverage I want. I want more, yet, natural looking at the same time. To me, this foundation is just medium coverage. It definitely needs to be set unless you have really dry skin, it will give you the hydration and luminosity you need. It is definitely worth the rave, because it is beautiful, luxurious, has a great finish, and great packaging, but it is not for every person out there. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation to me is not my trusty foundation, I still have my other favourite foundation that I absolutely love and have been wearing it for the past 4 months straight and still have not ran out yet.

I hope you enjoyed my review! Let me know in the comments down below what is your favourite foundation!


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