FORKS – Table Manners Series # 1

March 20, 2014

notesfromdionneTable manners are so very important and should be practiced daily whether you are alone, family dinner, and especially when present at a business meeting. I personally love table manners, setting up the table for dinner, etc. I thought I would share my tips, experiences and things I read to all my readers. Table manners sounds like something that should be much simpler and done by common sense, but there is actually a whole chapter of about 20 pages in a book I read by Emily Post about table manners.

I will have a series of posts once a week about table manners discussing the place setting, how to dress up your dinner table, the order of the utensils, differences between the modern five-piece setting and traditional flatware, tips on how to act at the table, holding utensils, resting utensils, fingers or fork, how to sit at a table, topics, and anything else along the way that I will remember.

For now let me give you a little tip that I loved when I read and will make it easy to remember using the word FORKS – the word symbolizes the order of the table setting from left to right Fork, O for the shape of the plate, Knife, & Spoon.

Make sure to only place utensils that will only be used during the meal (no extras because it will only indicate that you are serving more) For instance, if you have placed a spoon, it will indicate that you are serving soup.

I always make sure that the blade of the knife is always facing the plate. Make sure that all of the utensils are aligned together to give the table a sharp and organized look.

Looking forward to share more table manners tips with you. I hope you love table manners as much I do.

image courtesy of notesfromdione. 

Spread some beauty. x x

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