Eye Lights Matte

July 16, 2014


I wanted to do a quick review on this beautiful brow bone highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I know many artists like to use concealer for their above and under the brows to make them more sharp and clean, but that technique can sometimes be time consuming and could make the eyebrows looking less natural. I use the concealer technique only when I have a special occasion to go to, otherwise when I have simple makeup, I don’t like to go crazy with brows and concealing because everything won’t be balanced out. This is why my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hill pen is my all time favourite to highlight under the brows whether for simple makeup days or full on makeup days. I love its thickness, how it is very smooth and easy to blend. The product is beautiful and it comes in the shimmery shade as well; but on most days I like to use the matte only so it can sometimes serve as the same purpose of a concealer and it could create a base for a highlighting shade on the brow bone. The pen colour is described as pink based flesh tone. For some people and people with skin tone like mine (NC30) in MAC; it is like my skin but brighter and better looking.

What do you usually highlight with?

This is the one I use the matte only: http://www.sephora.com/eye-lights-matte-P69504?skuId=765461 ($27 prices may vary)

This is double ended with shimmer and matte: http://www.sephora.com/brow-duality-P224610?skuId=1118819 ($30 prices may vary)

Mira. x x

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