Dior Color Corrector!

December 9, 2016

dsc_0128Colour correctors make a huge difference! They are made to cancel out any discolouration on your skin that peeks through your foundation and concealer. It gives flawless skin, but, let me tell you, this is not for every day use. Its just too much effort and product. Let your skin breath with a thin layer of foundation during most days if needed.





The most problems I have on my skin that I would like to correct are my red blemishes, for that, I use the green colour corrector. I have many and one of my favourite was the one in the Stila palette until I discovered the Dior one. I love the Dior one for many reasons! It comes in stick which makes it really easy to apply and it is very hydrating.

When you apply a colour corrector, you apply different layers of makeup and it is important that you skin stays hydrated. This Dior stick has a centre that is infused with moisturizers and serums that is very nourishing for the skin, so it gives you what you need with hydration as well. After my primer, I apply the stick where needed, hide it with concealer, you will automatically see that any redness is cancelled out. Then, I apply my foundation, make sure you dab and do not rub on the spots where you have colour corrected.

This will ensure your redness does not peek through in the middle of the day and it gives you great coverage as well without cake-ness. Please ensure that if you have a new pimple on your skin to not apply the stick directly on your active pimple, it will spread the bacteria to other areas of the face. I mainly apply this where there are scared or when my pimples have dried out. Your other option is to use a clean brush on your Dior stick.

It is available at all retailers and retails for $45


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