Create Your OWN Lip Palette! Inglot Cosmetics

October 26, 2016

There is a store I always wanted to visit because it is a great artistry store and a great store for creativity. It is based on the freedom system, where you pick the size of your own palette for any type of makeup and start combining colors together. This store is called Inglot! It is amazing for individuals or makeup artists because you get to customize what you need for your own kit and your own personal collection.


You know, when it comes to palettes, sometimes there are colour that you will never use and that could sometimes draw you away from using a palette. Inglot gives you the opportunity to use every single color in your palette. Totally worth your money!

I went to the store and the first palette I created was for lips, as you all know I love mixing my lip colors. I choose colors from darkest to lightest to enable me to mix them, darken or lighten them. Some shades are matte and some shades are amplified. I have only picked 2 matte shads (Dark Pink & Orange)


I do have to say their matte shades, are REALLY matte. Ensure you exfoliate and apply lip balm prior, blot your lips with tissue paper prior to applying the lip color. As for the amplified colors, they are super butter and creamy! Totally recommend them for formula and they last for a long time.

Here are the colors: 502, 511, 24, 58, 05.

If you are unable to locate an Inglot store beside you, you can always shop online and the colours.

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