Color IQ at Sephora – Be Careful!

April 22, 2014

Color IQ at SephoraMatching your skin tone with the pantone machine is the new thing. I personally like to take the foundation and try it on my hand first and then my face and I like to do so/pick the color myself. But I still had to try the color IQ to see how it works and deliver my experience to you. This is how it works, they need two to three areas on your face where they are really clean with no makeup on; then they place the machine so close to the face to snap a picture. The machine generates an IQ to your face color and then it generates the possible foundations that will match your personal IQ color. Well, a few things are to my disliking of this whole process:

  • The IQ colour limits your options to the products that only match your IQ code, which means that if you want a specific foundation you may not find it available for your IQ code.
  • Before the IQ Pantone machine, you can simply go to any foundation you like, pick your shade, and if anything, you can mix two together to get your shades. I like old school!
  • The IQ machine matches the exact colour to your face but reality is you need to match your foundation to your whole body, especially the neck. In my case, my face is a lot lighter than the rest of the my body. So I need to get a foundation that matches my body as well and in this case, it could be a shade or two darker than my face skin colour. The point of foundation is to even out your skin tone and make your face matching the rest of your body; but the IQ machine does not take a picture of your neck.
  • I wanted to pick up the HD Makeupforever foundation, I went to the foundation counter, picked the shade myself and I loved it. I went to the IQ pantone machine, it generated a completely different shade for me and it is a lot lighter than the one I picked myself. The one I picked myself was a lot more accurate to my all over skin tone.

My best advice is to go to the foundation counter, pick your range of shades and try them all, or use the Pantone IQ machine as a guide and not blindly go with the option that it generates.

Stay tuned for the services that I will be offering soon! That will be surprise # 2!

Mira. x x

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