Closest Match to Nars Orgasm Lipgloss

May 13, 2014


I swatched the Nars Orgasm at Sephora and I was not a big fan of but luckily, I found it at the counter through my points. So I definitely picked up one and was really excited to try it on and I did and once I did I thought that I have the dupe for it with the yellow and gold undertones. The Nars could definitely be more on the pink side and the Maybelline one has more orange in it. Yet, they both still have the same gold undertones. Because of the lighting and because it is such a close up on my lips you can see the difference very well but you can definitely see the gold undertones that both lips have. In reality when you look at both of them; they both look the same on me. I wanted to get these colours to swatch them and share with you buy they are not the greatest on someone like me especially that they are more on the sheer side; or I tend to be biased towards lipsticks more. I totally love their texture though, they are not sticky, and they not such heavy weight on the lips. The Maybelline is quite hydrating as well. I thought to show you both comparisons because the Nars retails at $29.00 and The Maybelline Lip Lacquer retails at $7.00 I believer (prices may vary). I know that they are not the best match but the main differences in these two lip glosses than any other is the gold/yellow undertone and it is definitely something new; so it may be best to try out in a drugstore product to see how you like it on you and then try a high end product if you are liking the pink tones. I will definitely be mixing these lip glosses with lipsticks underneath. I am excited to see what I will come up with!

lips combo

Have you tried any of them? I love love your opinion.

Have a lovely day beauties. xx

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