Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

June 11, 2014


This foundation is my absolute holy grail! I’ve had one and once it was done; I went and bought the second one instantly. It is the Chanel Perfection Lumiere and my shade is 30 Beige. I love the finish of this foundation and how it looks in pictures. My face is combination oily and it only tends to get a little oily towards the T-Zone area during the day. Therefore, during the summer time a matte foundation will be totally helpful for all girls, even if you do not have oily skin it keeps the shine away for more time during the heat and outdoor occasions. There are other amazing dewy foundations to get the dewy skin but if your skin tends to get a little oily; you will end up having sweaty-looking-skin and it is also not comfortable. I personally love to wear great matte foundation, set it a little bit with powder, and then create the glow using other products beneath and over the foundation. This foundation is a matte finish and it is a medium coverage foundation to build-able full coverage. It really does feel like skin because when I touch my skin it does not get sticky like all other foundations. It is a little pricy but if you use it wisely and have different foundations; it should stick along for months ($55 – prices may vary). There are many different ways to have great and dewy skin and by liking this post; my next post will be on dewy skin.

I hope you enjoyed this review and please let me know what your favourite foundation is below.

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