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April 8, 2014

clq_68G5_250My Clinique acne clear solutions mask is amazing for an all over mask and it is also amazing to target the acne spot specifically. I use it as an all over mask after I cleanse my face once a week and whenever I am breaking out; I place it directly on my blemishes over night after applying all of my face products and it completely dries out the blemish by the next day. It is so useful! If you have drier skin, do not use this product too often. My skin is combination; so I can use it up to 3 times a day and it is okay (only for emergencies) – a little drying; but I would rather have my blemish dry faster. When the blemish dries it does not go away right away; but at least it’s not hurting, it will heal faster, and for some people (me) the blemishes really absorb the makeup! You do not want to keep on piling makeup and its not getting covered.


I compare this to the Proactiv popular cleansing mask and I like my Clinique better. The Proactiv does not work as quick with me and it contains Sulfur, which is an ingredient I am allergic to. I’ve been a freak about skin care products lately and I read all the ingredients to make sure it does not carry things I don’t want. Please make sure you do the same as well especially with the main 4 or 5 ingredients listed first.

How do you heal your blemishes quick? I would love to hear about products and natural skin masks.

Much love. x x


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