Beauty of Sponges – Beauty Blender VS. Real Techniques + HOW TO

February 26, 2016


Hello dear readers! I wanted to come on and do a short blog post about the beauty of sponges and why they are so beneficial. The Original Beauty Blender is definitely a beautiful sponge, but you don’t have to go to spend $28 on a sponge when you can still get the Real Techniques sponge for fraction of the price. Both sponges are great, the Beauty Blender is a lot more lighter and less stiff than the Real Techniques one but they still service the same purpose on my opinion. When they are damp, they both don’t soak up a lot of water and they are both very gentle on the skin.


How to utilize the sponges:

  1. You can use the sponges for multiple purposes, for foundation, concealer, blush, setting powder etc. I personally like to use it the most for concealer, because I apply it heavily to cover and I let the sponge take off the excess for a flawless finish. Using a sponge for concealer is my favourite way to have a seamless concealer application
  2.  As for foundation, I have combination skin, so I don’t like to use it for foundation because it gives me extra dewiness that I don’t want. Certain times during rough winters when my skin is really try, I apply a matte foundation, spritz the beauty blender with Mac Fix+ and then use it for application.
  3. A sponge is the most perfect way in my opinion to apply creme blush to the apples of your cheeks or blend in your counter, because you can use the dabbing motion, rather when you use the brush your sweep side to side. You want to dab because you already have your base and you don’t want anything to move around.
  4. You can also use your beauty blender for loose powder to set your under eye or use your baking techniques.
  5. Never apply a beauty blender over powder or active acne. If you apply it over powder, it will cake up all your makeup. And if you apply it over active acne, it will remove the foundation and base, you have used to cover your acne and it will be very hard for you to recover. In that case, use a brush.

I hope I gave you some great ideas on how to utilize your beauty blender sponges. Many people don’t know how to utilize them but they are a great multitasking tool in your collection. Remember to always use your sponge damp.

Let me know which sponge you like better, Beauty Blender or Real Techniques?

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  • Reply Mandy February 26, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    Great review and tips! I have the RT one and was gifted the BB one recently, haven’t had much time to play with both to compare!

    • Reply mirasmuse May 11, 2016 at 3:01 am

      Thank you 🙂 what do you think of them now??

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