Anastasia Beverly Hills: Self-Made Palette Review

November 24, 2015


Today I would like to review such a popular palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. All her products are so popular, I own some of her brow products, brush, but before this palette, I have not tried any of her shadows. She came up with so many amazing palette combinations before and I missed out on them, so I thought that this would be a good buy because it has more colours than the ones before. I want to say that the shadows are extremely pigmented and very easy to blend. The colour pay off is great. The shadows in this palette are a mix of matte, glitter, and shimmer. For instance, the Self-Made colour is not your regular sheer gold colour that you would pop in your inner corner. It is a really pigmented gold with brown undertones that must be put on the lid. I love the quality of the shadows, they are not powdery with their application, and they will give you no fallouts.


Although it is a palette with great colour selection, but to me it is still missing a few really basic colours like a transition/contour shade and a brow bone highlight. If you are looking to get this as your first palette ever, you will still be missing the nice browns that will be perfect for your crease or missing a great selection of matte colours. You may want to reconsider if it is your first palette ever, because to me, it is the kind of palette that I am incorporating with other palette because of its colour selection. It also comes with a great two ended brush that has one side for packing on the colour and another side for blending.

I hope this review was helpful!

Spread some beauty. XO.


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