Thank you for coming to visit my blog and to learn more about me! My name is Mira Ibrahim and I am Egyptian born and raised in Canada when I was 11; currently living in Toronto, Canada!

I have always had a passion for makeup ever since I was a little kid and I was always exploring products to recommend to family members or apply it on them. My friends and my face were my practice along with reading many books and watching many tutorials of iconic makeup artists. I started my own blog 5 years ago and then I pursued my career of wanting to work as a Makeup Artist. I was hired as a Beauty Expert at Holt Renfrew because of my blog and I started my freelancing by doing Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Guests, Proms, etc.

I created a makeup space in my house where I call my little cave! It is my little studio where I get ready, create content, have clients over to get their makeup done and it truly is a fun and artsy space. When I am not in my little space, you will often find me, out and about! Having fun with family and friends is my number one priority.

Thank you again for being my supporter!

Mira. XO