Let me introduce you to the infamous Grandiose Lancome mascara! If you are not already aware of this mascara or Lancome mascaras in general, you are definitely missing out. Lancome is known to have one of the best selling mascaras in the market, I have tried many mascaras, they can still definitely do the job but the formula is not as great as Lancome. Lancome’s formula is full proof, does not smudge, does not go all over the skin when you’re cleansing your face, and it dries really quickly.


The bristles of this specific mascara brush hugs your lashes, separates them, gives you volume and length. The technique behind the twisted mascara wang, gives you more accuracy and a stable hand. Always brush your lashes slowly with the mascara from the root and all the way up.

Remember: Mascaras expire every 3 months once opened!

Lancome is available at Sephora and all department stores. It is valued at $36 CAD.

Let me know your thoughts!

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