What’s the difference: Mac Fix+ VS. Setting Spray

To be quite honest, I was confused myself between the most two popular facial sprays on the market; Mac Fix+ and Urban Decay All Nigher Setting Spray. Until I tried the two in different scenarios, I was then able to come to you with a full review and how to use both sprays to the best of their ability.

Let me start off by saying that the Fix+ could be used as a setting spray but it is not for every skin type. The Urban Decay all nighter, on the other hand, is definitely a setting spray for every skin type. The Fix+ will only be a great setting spray for people with dry skin and possibly normal skin. But if you have normal skin, I would still recommend to use the Urban Decay All Nighter to be on the safe side and avoid extra dewiness on the skin during the day. Mac Fix+ makes your skin look extra dewy, if you are up for that, go ahead and use it. As for myself, I like my skin to stay matte for the most part because I have combination skin, but at the same time I like me a little bit of spray to take the powder look away.


You can still get some great uses out of the Mac Fix+ if it does not work for your skin type as a setting spray. If your skin is really dry in the winter or if you have dry patches on your skin, I recommend to either spray those specific areas for extra hydration underneath your foundation, or you can spray your foundation brush/Beauty Blender. If you are extra dry and looking for more hydration, please go ahead and refresh your whole face with the Mac Fix+. It can also be used to wet your brush for any eyeliner, shadows, etc. It is definitely a multi purpose spray, but not a setting spray for everyone.


If you are looking for a full on setting spray that will make your makeup last all night long, I would totally recommend the UrbanDSC_0011 Decay setting spray to be on the safe side and ensure your makeup will actually set into place. I totally believe in setting sprays,they give your makeup an extra polish, and a primer would definitely help with the longevity of your makeup as well.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to ask me any questions below. XO

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