Dior Eyeshadow Palette: Cuir Cannage


To keep this post really short and sweet, I have already reviewed and put all my thoughts about these expensive yet wonderful Dior Eyeshadow palettes by swatching another palette that contains other colours. I will leave a link to my previous blog post that you can check out all the details and swatches of another Dior palette. I realized that I will go ahead and buy another one, which is showing in the picture, 596 Cuir Cannage. I love this palette even more and it is a lot better for when it comes to basics. This palette is great for people with brown, hazel, or green eye, because it really brings out your eye colour. It brings out mine beautifully. My favourite colour is the one in the middle which is swatched separately, apply this colour all over the lid and it will make your beautiful eyes pop! Try something similar to it!


Link to second Dior eyeshadow palette – http://wp.me/p3KDBQ-89

Be sure to check my other post, which palette do you like better?

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