A Year Later! Thank you SO much!

Processed with MoldivI just wanted to take this time today on February 18th, 2015 and tell you that it has already been a year since I started my beauty blog. A year later I never regretted starting this passion of mine, never regretted sharing makeup experience, makeup reviews, and thoughts with everyone. Everyone that is following my blog, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Page and Twitter; you all made this happen. Even if there is only one person taking what I say and discussing it with me, it makes me so happy but there has been so many of you that support me SO much. I am looking forward to what this year brings to me in regards to my blog and YouTube channel; I have seen myself improve and been enjoying this more than ever. I love it when people comment, ask me questions, give me feedback, and connect with me. In the case of this yearly celebration, I wanted to throw it back to my very first post on February 18, 2014 about a beautiful Yogurt Mask. A year later I have earned 40, 000 Views + Visitors on my blog, 100 Followers, 2358 Instagram followers and I could not be more thankful that I started something I love with no second thoughts! XO


I will be back to my regular schedule as the following, which is posting 4 times a week. So stay tuned! There is always spontaneous and daily posting on my Instagram account.

Monday – Blog Post

Wednesday – Blog Post

Friday – Video

Saturday – Blog Post

Thank you so much once again! Please don’t forget to always connect with me :)

Y O U T U B E       — Mirasmuse ByMira https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-FsbdlRjPTYeTuQachbgvQ

I N S T A G R A M — @mirasmusehttp://instagram.com/mirasmuse

T W I T T E R         — @mirasmusehttps://twitter.com/mirasmuse

F A C E B O O K    — www.facebook.com/magnolia.mira

Spread Some Beauty. XO.


  1. congratulations Mira ❤️ it’s definitely an awesome job and I enjoy whatever you are writing or recording even if I don’t comment!
    I want to tell you thank you on every post and advice you gave and i learnt from.. Keep it up girl 😄😃

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