Dupe Alert: Drugstore Dupe of MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

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I come to you with another dupe. They are not the complete EXACT colours but how similar are they? Can’t you tell that they are so similar that you do need to spend $10 more because there is a slight difference over a colour you are lusting over. I also want to tell you that whenever I bring you a dupe to my blog, it is a complete dupe from every aspect. I compare the colour, formulation, longevity, and all the aspects of the products. So this lipstick is not only very very similar in colour but it is also the same formulation, and actually I believe that the Milani Creme Nude lipstick is a lot more opaque that than the MAC Creme cup. Milani lipsticks at 5.99 and MAC lipsticks are $16 prices may vary. Their packaging is great for both lipsticks, they both have a really subtle scent but I definitely prefer the MAC scent over the Milani lipstick. But again the scent is not something that should make you pay $10 more, unless, of course, you are allergic.  I have other amazing dupes on my blog that I am sure you will love.

What is your favourite MAC or Milani lipstick?

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  1. Thank you for this dupe Mira:) I wanted to ask you where do you get Milani costmetics from? I am also from Canada, and I can’t find it anywhere!! Do you get them online?

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