L’Oreal Infallible Pigments! Ah-mazing!

Loreal Infallible

I love me some amazing and high quality drugstore products that feel so luxurious, soft, and most importantly a really pigmented product. The L’Oreal infallible eyeshadows have all that at a very affordable price. I cannot explain to you the feeling of these shadows unless you swatch them to know what I am talking about. They are so smooth and feel amazing while you apply them on the lid of the eye area in general, but they also tend to have a velvety feel to them which makes them even more unique and smooth. They last a really long time till the end of my event or the day; keeping in mind that I always like to prime my lids with a good eye primer. I like to be honest! The packaging of it is great, it comes in a really well put together jar and it has a black cover other than the lid to keep all the air out and the pigment pressed as well. I feel like it never goes out these pigments and that they will last me a really long time. They have a wide variety of colours and the ones I picked were new to my collection especially the Pepsy Coral is gorgeous and just a hint of it will make every look unique. I picked up a really nice royal blue pigment because that is also unique to my collection and I feel like such a colour makes my look very glamours. The best way to apply them is using my fingers, I have tried so many brushes for this but it does not work if you want to use the shadows dry. Fingers are your best friends when it comes to these pigmentand it helps blend everything as well. If you really would like to use a brush and you would like to use the shadows wet, your best brush would be a concealer brush that will really help pick up the product. It is safe to say that it is sold at every drugstore where there is a makeup counter and it is around $9.00 CAD prices may vary.

If you would like a tutorial using these pigments let me know in the comments below! I need some motivation to film for you guys with busy work schedule and other obligations.

Much love,




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