Obsessed: A New Lip Combo feat. Nars & Wet n’ Wild

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It’s summer and I love me some bright and juicy lipsticks and I pretty much never use one product on its own! I always tend to mix products together and I love coming up with great and new combinations every single time. I had this Nars Orgasm lipgloss sample and I was never able to use it because I did not like it on its own but on other lipsticks it looks amazing. So I have created this lip combo using a lipstick, a liner, and a lipgloss. The lipstick I used is the Wet n’ Wild long-lasting in ‘Just Peaches’. The liner is by Makeup Forever and I really do love their liners because they are so smooth and easy to blend in case you make a mistake and it is also water proof in Bright Coral 18C which has pink undertones in it that matches the pink undertones in the orgasm lip gloss perfectly. Now to top everything off and give you the nice juicy and summer lip; you can add the Orgasm Lip gloss by Nars which was just added to their newest summer collection. This combination can go great with many looks whether you’re going for soft browns, a dark smoky look, or just a bronzed goddess – it will look great. I hope you enjoyed this lip combo and there will be a lot more coming your way! Let me know what you think in the comments down below and don’t forget to share the beauty.

IMG_8529 IMG_8526 IMG_8524 IMG_8525

Order of Swatches (Top to Bottom)

Wet n’ Wild – $2 to $3

Nars Orgasm – $29

Makeup Forever Liner – $23

Mira. x x


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