Dupe Alert: Drugstore dupe of MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick

I love dupes! Especially when they are perfect ones for a much cheaper price; makes me happy and I hope it makes my readers happy as well. MAC kinda sexy is a perfect matte everyday lipstick that is brown with beautiful orange undertones. I love it because it gives me a little bit of colour but it is almost like the colours of my lips. I recently just bought a few of Wet n Wild lipsticks; it is safe to say they are about $4 (prices may vary); which is why it is a perfect dupe. It is called Bare it All (902C). As you can see in the swatches below that it is the exact same colour, it is long lasting, so smooth and hydrating, and it feels exactly the same as the Kinda Sexy by MAC; yet its not $23 (Prices may vary). Wet n Wild lipsticks are generally amazing and they are so opaque as well, so you are really getting the true colours on your lips.

Instagram: @mirasmuse

Dupe Alert


  1. Wow, this colour is incredible and there really is not different between the two in the pictures! I am always trying to save up for a ne mac lipstick but this might just solve my problems! Thankyou :D
    Sass x

    1. I am so glad to hear – I have a few good couple of dupes coming up on my blog! I am pretty excited to share them <3 Thank you for your feedback. I truly appreciate it x x

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