Today’s Look Inspiration: Stila Garden Palette

IMG_7827I love a little color every now and then but bronzed looks will always be my favorites. I only used 4 colors to achieve this look and definitely a primer. I just want to say that Stila eye shadows are amazing; so pigmented, smooth, and soft. I always intended to buy Stila eyeshadows because of how smooth they are but they were never the first on my list. They originally retail for $49 but I got it a while back for $17. Always look out for great deals, they are amazing and I am sure you will find them if you are patient enough. I wanted to share with you the look that inspired me and the swatches of the palette as well so you get the feel of the great eyeshadows. Because the main focus of this look was the blue-ish purple in the palette, I did apply it wet using my Mac Fix+ so get the true and long lasting effect of the color.

Thumbs up or comment down below if you would like a tutorial for this look! IMG_7843IMG_7841



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