Ravishing Rose VS Blushing Beige Maybelline – IN LOVE!


I love these lipsticks and I tend to always try the nudes and go for them right away because they are the colors that suit me the most. If I am trying a new lipstick and I try a different and bold color; I may not like the lipstick just for the color and that would be injustice. So here I am trying out my favorite nudes, I love them pink, beige and a tint of coral in my nudes. The lipsticks shown are the Maybelline color sensational the Buff, the one on the left is Blushing Beige. The one on the right is from their limited edition collection and it is Ravishing Rose. I have an obsession with their lipsticks! SO smooth, hydrating, lasting, and have the perfect shine. The texture is amazing as well. If you love your pinks, go out and but your ravishing rose, because it is limited edition. ($7.96 prices may vary)

Maybelline Lipstick Swatches

What is your favorite nude? Blushing Beige (left) or Ravishing Rose (right) ?

Mira. x x

Instagram: @mirasmuse

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