First Option for a Perfect Palette! – Chocolate Bar by Too Faced


I had a couple of people asking me what is the best palette if it is their first and I currently have two favorites that are amazing, great price, quality, colors, and shadows. I will compare and swatch both for you and I will list their pros and cons and I’ll leave up to your judgment to decide which one is better, but of course, I would like to know your opinion. Always leave it in the comment section below. The first palette that I will review today is the Chocolate Bar by Too Faced and I am doing this first because it is my current favorite and newest. I have more favorites of course, but remember that this post is for those who are planning to buy their first palette and want it to cover the best color varieties and basics.


To start off, I love Too Faced cosmetics and their makeup. Everything is perfectly pigmented, amazingly packaged, and always pleases me. I had to pick up this palette because it had such perfect colors and the pigmentation from just one swatch and sweep of color made me fall in love with it. Why I love this palette:

– The palette comes with 16 colors (2 highlighting colors) 6 matte colors and the rest are beautifully baked colors.

– It is packaged really nicely and closes really easily to secure your shadows. It is also packed in a tin so it really does protect your shadows

– It has amazing neutral colors as well as bronzed.

– But the best thing about it is having a pop of color as well – burgundy, pink, purple, a bit of greens. You can create your neutral looks, your bronzed, and a few dramatic/springy looks.

– All the colors are complimentary to each other

– It smells amazing and it does smell like chocolate because it is made from real Cocoa powder.

– With this palette each color is coming up to about $4, which is an amazing deal if the total of the palette sounds a little scary.

photo 2photo 1

As a beginner you really do need to have a palette that has many neutrals and warm undertones because they are perfect on their own, perfect for blending, and perfect for transitional colors in the future.

Stay tuned for the next palette tomorrow so you can compare and choose which one you like – can anyone guess which palette will be next?

Mira. x x

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