Some Red Lips Action – Nars Dragon Girl

If you have read my previous post about the Sephora Haul, you will realize that there is a Nars product in there and it is their matte velvet lip pencil in the popular Dragon Girl. It is a beautiful and chic red and I was so eager to create a look with it. For me wearing lipstick meaning a flawless bronzed look and bronzed simple eyes as well. All the products that are used in my look are browns and neutrals; even the blush. I like the focus to be on the red lip and nothing else but I love the combination of the bronzed makeup and dewy skin.


So the review about the Nars Dragon Girl: absolutely beautiful, I love the pigmentation and how it goes on is just oh-so-smooth. I know they last a really long time because I have their lip pencil in another shade. Since I am a matte kinda girl; this is perfect for me especially when it comes to red lips.

Quick Tip: Please make sure your lips are primed with lip balm before the application of this pencil by at least 10 minutes and then blot your lips with a tissue paper so reveal the true matte texture of the pencil. Your lips have to be SO smooth for this.

As for the eyes: I primed my eyes and then for the base on my lid I used a beige tone that is 2 shades darker than my skin and for the crease I used ‘Topaz’ from Sigma to create some warmth and definition.

The rest of the eye shadows were browns and nudes and they were all baked (meaning shimmery) – make sure to apply them wet for true color.

I have filmed the tutorial and I am not too sure about the lighting – if you still want to get an idea of how this look can get done in 5 minutes please like my post and I will work on the editing!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post – let me know what you favourite red lipstick is; I would LOVE to give it a try?

Mira. x x


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