Do you love your glitter? Seriously AMAZING Glitter Glue primer!

Yes, the colors below are the exact same. Except the swatches on the left without the primer and the swatches on the right with the Glitter Glue Primer from Too Faced Cosmetics. I just LOVE Too Faced, they are amazing and don’t get me to start talking about their packaging because it is insanely beautiful!

IMG_0414 IMG_7298

This primer enhances the color so much and gives off the true color on your eyes. I only use this primer for baked shadows, glitters, and pigments. The color swatches are ‘Light Violet Grape’ pigment from MAC and ‘Half Baked’ from the Naked Palette. The Glitter Glue is available at Sephora ($24 prices may vary). You can tell below that the colors are completely different, enhanced, and totally pigmented on my hands. I apply the glue with a synthetic brush where I want those types of shadows to go and use the same brush for the shadow to really pick up the color. Another great thing about the Glitter Glue is that it prevents any fallout and really packs on the colour. You can apply it over your shadows and the bases.

I hope you like glitter as much as I do.

Mira I. x x


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