Obsessing Over New MAC Lipstick!

New MAC everyday lipstick!


I am a big fan of lipsticks and I am always on the lookout for great colors that can either be used for bold looks or everyday uses. I just picked up this beautiful and versatile color from MAC called ‘Crème Cup’ the finish of the lipstick is Crèmesheen – which is not so opaque but more shiny and glamorous. It is a great rosé blush tone that can be used for simple makeup, soft smokey eyes, or even bold black smokey eyes. It pairs beautifully with my olive and warmer skin tones!

The beautiful thing about this lipstick is that I can make it more opaque with concealer underneath like in the picture and I can make it more glossy and light by applying my Chanel mega shine lip balm underneath the lipstick. (Any shiny lip balm would work)

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Spread some beauty. x x


  1. Ahhhhh when I saw your post in my reader I was like “WHATS THAT COLOR I NEED IT” – turns out it’s good old creme cup, probably my most used MAC lippy next to Angel – check this one out if you like creme cup! :-D This one is super great for your skin tone too :-D

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