Brushes for Flawless Foundation Routine

Remember I said that brushes are key in my previous post about how to achieve a flawless foundation routine? I mentioned all the products; now time for the brushes.


I know it must be overwhelming to use 9 brushes for JUST your face, but this is my experience and what I personally think is best for my current routine. If you do not have these brushes and have other ones…that will work too! You can even snap a picture of your brushes, send it to me, and I will help to tell you what will be best for which product and application. or ask me below.

The mix of brushes here are MAC, Sephora, & Sigma (follow left to right).


1)   Foundation Brush by Mac – for my first thin layer of foundation I like to use the typical foundation brush because it helps apply the product and spread it out evenly but not enough for me for a blended look.

2)   Flat Kabuki (F80) by Sigma – I like to use this brush for my second thin layer of foundation to blend and this brush dispenses a lot less unto the face than the foundation brush. This will help blend the look and it is so much easier/faster to apply with.

3)   Duo Fibre Brush by MAC – This brush is so light and feels like feather or your skin so it is great for blending. I use it to blend my contouring and highlighting after my foundation; it keeps the colors but blends them well with no harsh lines.

4)   Foundation Brush by Mac – I use this for concealing any blemishes or red areas.

5)   PRO Airbrush Concealer by Sephora (57) – I like to use this for brightening concealer after my eye makeup is done and for small blemishes as well to get the target and make sure your product is set.

6)   PRO Airbrush Fond de teint fini naturel (55) – Now it is time to set our makeup with a dense powder brush. If you are not looking for heavy makeup then use a bigger and fluffy brush just to dust your powder not concentrate it.

7)   Small Contour (F05) – for a more structured look you can contour some more with a powder by using this brush that will hit the cheekbones.

8)   Tapered Face (F25) – I have never tried a brush that is better than this one for blusher. It has a pointy end so you hit your cheekbone with it and it is so fluffy so it is amazing to blend your blusher. Amazing!

9)   Tapered Highlighter (F35) – This is the perfect size brush that has the same idea for the blusher brush and it is perfect for my cheekbones!


That is it for the brushes that I use to apply my flawless foundation routine – please use whatever you have, ask me for help, and let me know below if you have any similar brushes OR what is your favorite brush?


Spread some beauty. x x


  1. Just got the Sigma Kabuki F80 brush for my foundation, i’m in love with it. It spreads the foundadtion evenly on my face. I had the 130 Mac for foundation and it was terrible, didn’t like it and i had to return it. I have to say that’s my favourite brush in my whole collection

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