Favorite Mascaras of the Moment

I never used to wear Mascaras, only once a month or so because it got me headaches. Until I started using the Chanel “Inmitable Intense” that provides volume, length, curl and separation. It really does do all of the things mentioned. I could not stop wearing mascara now from how beautiful my lashes looked and from how it complimented my makeup look. The bristles are so light and separated perfectly to fan out your lashes. The color is amazingly black and it lasted me quite a bit. It is sold at The Bay & Holt Renfrew $37 prices may vary.

I’ve always used Lancôme before (Hypnose, recently Doll Lashes) but Lancôme bought L’Oreal and that is the explanation of why L’Oreal mascaras are amazing at an affordable price. I have always had one in my makeup kit and now I am using the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes mascara, you can buy the mascara from any drugstore. I am using “Black Intense” – This mascara provides volume and a little bit of length. It is great for a base for false lashes as well (clump-free) – $8.95 prices may vary.

Another great mascara that I love because of the way the bristles are is “They’re Real” by Benefit. It is great because it provides amazing length, volume, and separation. It is very black and the top of the bristle is the shape of a circle and it is designed to really help separate those lashes, get in the inner corner of the eyes, and separate the bottom lashes as well. Sold at Sephora $29 prices may vary.

 IMG_0007 2

Which mascara are you using now?

Spread some beauty. x x


  1. Congratulations on your new website… I am going to follow you with interest…
    My all time favourite mascara – has been Lancome Definicils… Not only because of how it makes my lashes look…but also because it doesn’t smudge or run…

    1. I am so glad you like my website tante Nahla :) I will make sure I do my best to keep you interested at all times. By the way – I have always wanted to comment on your lashes and how beautiful they’re looking all the time

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