Etiquette 101

Etiquette  101

Sunglasses Etiquette

1) Did you know that when you meet someone or talking to someone while wearing sunglasses, it is more appropriate if you take your sunglasses off and talk to them an eye-to-an-eye.

2) Did you also know that placing sunglasses on your head after taking them off is a sign of rushing and not staying in a place for a long time. When you are going into a restaurant, people’s house, or a place of worship, it is best to keep your sunglasses put away and not on your head to show that you are not in a rush and that you are staying there.

Spread some beauty. x x


    1. I totally agree! I always make sure to take off my sunglasses no matter who I am taking to. Not only does it show respect to other people, but it also shows the confidence in you. Eyes do speak so they should not be hidden ;)

  1. It is refreshing to see someone as young, interested in Etiquette. Good for you !
    It really is not about “rules” as much as grace and respect towards others…

    1. I love etiquette and read about it all the time! I have grown up liking it from my grandma, mommy and family. Its been an important part of our lives and it is so sad that people overlook it nowadays. But for the most part I like it for respect people have towards each other when they show interest in etiquette.

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